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IBD Recovery Pill and The Mechanism in TCM Theory

Ulcerative colitis, as one inflammatory bowel disease, remains unknown to people who are in the search of its cause and development mode. As one source giving arise to colon tumor and clinic stubborn disease commonly acknowledged, ulcerative colitis is regarded to have direct relationship with autoimmunity and the damage of inflammation mediators. Modern therapeutic medication often includes adrenal cortex hormone, gastropyrin, 5-aminosalicylic acid, etc. But the side effects and recurrence are problems these medicine have to face. So, up till now, there lacks the effective way to get under control of such condition. Thus the alternative medicine becomes an important option for the doctors around the world. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine proves itself competent for playing such pivotal role.

Traditionally, Chinese doctors prefer to adopt the same therapeutic methods as for treating diarrhea and dysentery to deal with ulcerative colitis. Perhaps someone may make more classification of the condition in detail and adopt divergent way to treat it but there have been few who can break out the traditional cognition and worked out a new theory to gain ideal therapeutic6 effects.

Dr. Wang Zheng Feng was engaged in Chinese herbal medicine practice 32 years ago. During this long time of practice he got apprenticed to several prominent TCM doctors such as Guo Zheng Xiong, Wang Feng Chen, Lee Da Yan, etc. Thus he gained rich clinical experience in treating gastroenteropathy. In China, there are too many people with Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease and Dr. Wang Zheng Feng experienced many times of failure and frustration to explore the correct road for the fully recovery of these conditions, which also brought enough experience enabling him to find the right path. The formula he prescribes are reasonable in composition, tonifying yet free of stagnance, nourishing yet without greasiness, capable to regulate the functional activity of Qi. Therefore, many patients gained practical benefit from taking his medication.


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In the past 20 years, he paid almost all attention in research for treating ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Thus he looked over many many ancient TCM classic to find all possible clue or hints hidden in them for the succeeding test. His IBD Recovery Pill gained great success and effective rate (including improvement and healing) can reach 87.37% and healing rate at 66.70%. Thus he gained many awards from provincial level and national level and helped more than 4,300 patients to relieve their sufferings from ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

During their time of research, Dr. Wang and his colleagues found such herbmanifestation as bellyache, tenesmus, bloody pus defecation, congestive mucous membrane of colon, dropsy, anabrosis, ulceration, Crypt abscess, etc. accord fully with pathological demonstration of one category called “inside ulcerative carbuncle” described in TCM theory, who attributes its pathogenesis to the following:

  • toxicant pathogen floods over intestinal tract
2. blood spoils causing inside putridity
3. carbuncle transforms to form infection
4. illness lasts for long, damaging the right.

Based upon such new viewpoints, they gradually formed their view points that the pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis is toxicant stasis causing carbuncle and should adopt the same treatment methods as those specially applicable for visceral carbuncle. So, they read lots of TCM books and collected related articles in regarding to the treatment of swelling carbuncle and toxicant ulceration and tries many herbal formulas in the category to solve the toxin, close ulcer, adjust the construction aspects, dissipate the carbuncle, remove the necrotic tissue, promote the growth of new tissue, support the right and secure the root. With many times of repeated herbexperiment and drug screening, they gradually developed the herbal formula series including Intestine Appeasing Pill, Herbal Enema Liquid, Intestine Tonifying Powder, IBD Recovery Formula Series Type # 1 - # 14.

So, in the active phase, the main task is to eliminate the pathogen; in paracmasia phase, support right and eliminate pathogen in the same time, in a balanced way; in convalescence phase, supporting the right tops the priority. Long time clinical experiment verifies such therapeutic approaches can two-way regulate the chaotic immunological derangement, prominently decrease the level of IgA, IgG, eliminate the anti-large intestine antibody, enhance the ability of lymphocyte transformation, rid of the inflammation mediators including oxygen free radical, leukotriene and platelete activating factor, swiftly reign in control of mucous bloody stool, stop diarrhea, promote the closing of ulcer. Also, such medicine series can effectively prevent frequent recurrence and canceration, in the same time. Effective rate (including improvement and healing) can reach 96.87% and healing rate at 66.70%. Such medicine series are not only effective for ulcerative colitis, but also for Crohn's disease, ulcerative proctitis, radiation colitis and proctitis, allergic colitis, polyp intestinal and the effective rate is much high. Now, such research results already gained national award form China National Medical Administration Bureau and many domestic and foreign patients successfully removed the sufferings caused by those diseases, especially those who ill very long and gain no recovery whatever after trying many drugs.

Chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG) is generally regarded as a very long-course disease, intractable, apt to be the source for precancerous lesion. To find an effective way to conquer the disease, Dr. Wang and his colleagues experienced much hardship in a very long course. They gradually found the deficiency of spleen Yin may be the origin for the formation of such condition and also the factor causing the stubbornness of such disease when treating it. The spleen Yin works as the very important material fundamentals in maintain the normal function of spleen and stomach. The deficiency of spleen Yin can bring about the insufficient nourishment of spleen and stomach, which can gradually lead to the atrophia, same as like plants lacking the sunshine and nutrition, because it can impair the transporting and transforming function of spleen and stomach, causing the phlegm, stasis, dampness and toxin. They may heap up in the stomach, making up the circumstance that deficiency syndrome mingles with excess syndrome which severely complicate patient's condition.


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