Successful Cases


Successful Cases by Taking IBD Recovery Capsule


Case 1

Ling Tou Guang, male, 39, cadre, Yantai, Shandong Province. From 1991 to July 9, 1995 he experienced frequent diarrhea, pus bloody stool, bellyache, tenesmus, every day. Enteroscope check from local hospital concluded it is ulcerative colitis. Long time taking on sulfasalazine, 3 – 4 times daily. During the past three months before going to our hospital his bellyache and pus blood problem aggravated, diarrhea more than 10 times daily, severe tenesmus. Treatment from local hospital led to no relief whatever.

herbsFirst time enteroscope check in our hospital found: extensive congestion, dropsy in colon transversum, colon descendens, colon sigmoideum and rectum; multiple ulcer formation. Glutamic oxalacetic transaminase (GOT), glutamic pyruvic transaminase(GPT) increases, serum protein 36g /L, haemproteins A/G0.75, blood sedimentation 51mm /1h, hemoglobin 5.3g .

From the IBD Recovery Capsules, we prescribed Herbal decoction, Herbal Enema Liquid and Intestine Appeasing Capsules. The patient reported the effective control of pus bloody stool, and less diarrhea after 3 weeks. Bellyache, diarrhea and bloody stool disappeared one month later. Another 2 months of after treatment continued till the enteroscope check found ulceration and congestion disappears, serum protein returns to be in normal range, and haemproteins increase to 13.9g . No recurrence happened in the succeeding 2 years.


Colitis Diet: Cooking An Easy Meal


Case 2

> Dear Doctor Lee,
> I am now in the 8th week of my first treatment course.
> I would like to update you on my symptoms and see what
> you think our next move should be. First let me say I
> am taking the diet very seriously and I am following
> all the suggestions on your website & the pills
> everyday.
> When I first began the treatment my bowel movements
> became much more regualr and my eyesight seemed
> sharper. My canker sores have gone away and when they
> last did appear, healed much faster than before. In
> the 5th week I had a hot cold, sore throat, bloodshot
> eyes & stuffed up nose. It eased off quickly but was
> followed by two days of diarrhea, sharp abdominal
> pains and extreme fatigue. After that something
> strange happened. My palms were hot & sweaty for two
> days, followed by an unusual sensation in my body. It
> feels like heat from my center flowing out in waves
> into my body. Not all the time but often and it is
> much warmer than I have felt in years. I feel the heat
> inside every day from then on, sometimes my
> extremeties will be cold but at other times during the
> day, my body will be so hot it's amazing, like sitting
> next to a fire. In the 6th week my complection was
> very poor, feelings of urgency before going to the
> bathrooom and relief afterwards. In the 7th week one
> of my pets died and I cried for one whole day. That
> was followed immediately by two days of intestinal
> bleeding with hardly any bloating or pain. I had sharp
> abdominal pain followed by very loose stool with
> feelings of relief after defacation, some difficulty
> sleeping.
> Today my complection is much better, after about two
> meals a day I have gas & bloating, stool varies
> between normal and in small pieces. Feelings of warmth
> continue in my body but I have never been able to
> maintain it for a whole day yet. My hives are gone and
> my canker sores are also gone. My gums still bleed
> when I brush my teeth though. I am encouraged, I feel
> like I have made significant progress. The warmth in
> my body is the most encouraging sign. However since I
> bled so recently I do not feel as though I've
> completely recovered. I think I have made steps in the
> right direction and I would like to know what you
> think is the next step to my recovery.
> Sincerely,
> Jack R Thomas

Case 3

> Dr. Lee,
> I've used the #1 and #6 on and off for a few months to control flare-ups
> in my pouch diarrhea. They work very well to control inflammation. I'd
> like to make further diet changes and use them everyday in the coming
> year. A recent blood test showed that what was thought to have been a
> condition of Ulcerative Colitis is actually Crohn's Disease (recurring
> after removal of colon). Should I continue with #1 and #6, or is there a
> better combination to address my symptoms (below, in original email).?>
> Please also send any information about Qigong for Crohn's. I'm already
> familiar with Yi Chuan and would like to use Qigong to help control my
> stomach problems.
> Thank You for your guidence!


Case 4

Lee An Gang, male, 65, retired worker in Beijing. Bellyache, pus bloody stool for almost 8 years, diarrhea 6-7 times daily, someday 11 times, accompanied with belly distention, rugitus, restlessness, irritability, wasting. Enteroscope check concluded that in inferior segment of colon descendens there is rough mucosa, entero- casing disappears, ulceration focus. Fibercoloscopy check 23 centimeters deep found colon sigmoideum congestive, dropsy, anabrosis, many ulceration areas of different size. The conclusion is ulceration colitis. After administration of Intestine Appeasing Pill two months, all symptom disappeared, fibercoloscopy check shows the complete close of ulcer and disappearance of inflammation. No recurrence reported till now.

Case 5

Gang Min, female, 32, Xushui of Hebei Province. She had 3 years history of ulcerative colitis before being admitted into our hospital on June 15, 2001. The enteroscope check showed extensive congestion, dropsy, anabrosis, ulcer with mucous membrane of rectum; anabrosis focus and wide base polypus forming with colon sigmoideum and colon descendens; polypus of different size. The patient narrated the symptom as diarrhea 7-8 times daily, mucosa and pus bloody stool, bellyache, pain to the left lower quadrant pressure, temperature 38.2 C , blood sedimentation accelerates. IBD Recovery Series # 1 & # 2, Intestines Appeasing Capsules and Herbal Enema Liquid were prescribed. After 15 days of treatment, diarrhea, bloody stool disappeared. Temperature returned to normal. After treatment continued for another 2 months and the enteroscope check showed the ulcer close. She continued taking the Intestine Appeasing Capsule for 3 months more till at last the polypus disappeared completely.

Case 6

Tang Lie Kai, female, 38, pharmacist in a hospital located in ZhengZhou , Henan Province. Due to uncareful food intake she experienced continuous herbsdiarrhea, with large amount of pus and blood, bellyache, fever and tenesmus. Medical check concluded that she had severe ulceration colitis, with whole colon affected. Hospitalized for 2 months locally without the improvement after tried many kinds of medicine such as hexadecadrol, single-antibody solidphase, etc. During the two months of treatment, there was failure to make her conditions under control, continuous and unlimited diarrhea and bloody stool continued to afflict her without end. She lost 45 kilogram of weight and many times the hospital issued Critical Condition Notification to her relatives.

In March 1995 she tried her luck and saw Dr. Wang. At that time she manifested here symptoms as daily diarrhea 30 times, water stool blended with blood and mucous, severe bellyache, temprature 38.7 C, blood sedimentation increase fast, blood pigment 4g /dl, severe anemia, hypoproteinemia, skeletization. After 5-day administration of Intestine Appeasing Pill the times of diarrhea decrease to 10 times daily, bellyache improved a lot. 7 days later there was diarrhea 6 times daily and blood decrease in quantity in the stool. 14 days later, every day there were defecation 3-4 times, no fever. 7 weeks later the bloody stool disappeared, weight increased, blood sedimentaton level at 11.7g /dl. 2 months later, the enteroscope check concluded the colon ulceration disappeared, yet mild inflammation remained. She continued to take the medicine for 1 month. No recurrence happened till now.


Case 7

> -------Original Message-------
> From: davis <-------------->
> Subject: Re: Crohns disease
> Sent: 18 Dec '08 16:37
> Thankyou very much for the medicine, I have received it already and feel
> some changes already! I was wonderind about your suggestions for iron
> supplimentation. The iron I was given by the hospital is just iron filings
> and very undigestable. I have stopped taking it as it gives me a bad
> reaction. I have started taking chlorella at a dose that equals the iron
> content of the filings but without the bad reaction. Chlorella is a micro
> algae, I think its from fresh water and therefore not a sea weed. I thought
> seaweed was good for Crohns disease, but the medicine container says no
> seafood, does this include seaweed?. I need to get my iron levels up how
> much red meat should I take weekly and which type?
> I just don't want to become more aneamic.
> Thankyou,
> Regards,
> Davis


Case 8

Hu Tang Feng, male, 68, retired workers in ChangChou, Jiangsu Provice. The ulceration colitis history 5 years since March 1998. During this period he mostly took prednisone, sometimes at the dosage of 60mg daily, to sustain a relative stable state.

First time admittance check results in our hospital were as follow: pus bloody diarrhea 7-9 times daily, manifest bellyache and tenesmus, extreme fatigue, lassitude, poor appetite, soreness all over body, edema of lower limbs, pain with shoulder, upper limbs, necks, inexpedient movement, muddled mind, sleepy. Diagnosis conclusion: ulceration, with complication of adrenocortical insufficiency. TCM diagnosed as vacuity and decline of kidney Yang, spleen failure to control blood, pyretic toxicity persistence, deficiency syndrome mingling with excess syndrome, coldness mingling with heat. IBD Recovery Series Type 4, 6 7, in company with Intestine Appeasing Capsules were prescribed for him to take 25 days which resulted in the disappearance of pus bloody stool, fatigue and poor appetite. Prednisone dosage lowered to 15mg daily and one month more administration was prescribed and all symptom disappeared completely. After treatment continued 2 months more and enteroscope check concluded that all ulceration disappeared. No recurrence happened in the succeeding 3 years.


Case 9

Hu Dong Bing, male, 37, farmer in suburban Beijing. Intermitten fever, in company with bellyache and diarrhea for over 1 year and a half before coming to our hospital. It is fitful bellyache and diarrhea, 2-3 times daily, no pus and blood, repeated dental ulceration. First diagnosis conclusion is appendicitis, and large amount of antibiotics was administrated, yet without any effect. It was about 70 days before he saw doctor in another hospital herbsand enteroscope check found there were irregular fissuring ulceration in the terminal ileum, some parts of the membrana mucosa experienced pebble-like alteration, there were mass accumulation of lymphocyte in submucosa and muscular coat, some fissuring even reaching deep into muscular coat. The diagnosis conclusion is Crohn's disease. Sulfapyridine and antibiotics injection were prescribed for the succeeding 28 days of treatment. Some improvement showed up but no relief with bellyache, fever and diarrhea.

Later he was admitted into our hospital, blood routine check: WBC13.2*10/L, N76.2%, Hb 10.3g /L; excrement and urine check: RBC2-3/Hp; occult blood: (+-); worm & spawn:(-); blood sedimentation: 61mm /1h; serum immune globulin indicators IGA, IGA increased; obvious pain to right lower quadrant pressure, temperature: 37.9 C; greasy and yellow tongue fur coating, slippy pulse. TCM diagnosis conclusion was pyretic toxicity accumulation. Herbal medicine was prescribed for clearing heat, neutralizing toxin, transforming stasis and dredging channel network. He took Intestine Appeasing Pill 10 capsules each time, three times daily for 10 days, gained manifest relief with bellyache, stools took shape, temprature returned to the normal level of 37.8 C, blood sedimentation 36mm /1h. Continue the treatment for 1 month more and all checking results falled into the normal range. Then in company with Intestine Appeasing Pill other kind of herbal decoction was prescribed for him to take for the succeeding two months till enteroscope check showed the pebble-like alteration and fissuring ulceration disappeared completely.


Case 10

> I agree to change from capsule. Please proceed with order. Thank you.
> Treatment is very effective for me but I find I need to continue using it.
> Is there any danger from prolonged use?
> Thank you again for your medicine which has helped me live a normal life
> again. I am very grateful.
> Kevin Cooney
> Sent from iPhone


Case 11

> -------Original Message-------
> From: .................
> To: <>
> Subject: help me cure my ulcerative colities
> Sent: Dec 05 '11 22:30
> hello doctor
> i would like to thank you for this precious medicine for ulcerative
> colities.
> I have this only for about 2 weeks so far and i am feeling better than
> before. i have nearly stop taking steroid.
> But i have a difficulty, as you said to make 6 part of the 5 packets, it is
> very humid and moist here, so when i unpack the medicine it get moist and
> sticky .not good to use.So i am taking whole pack twice a day.Is it all
> right ??
> Today i am going to order for another one months delivery.
> kind regards
> kirpal singh



Case 12

> -------Original Message-------
> From: Celeste Gibbins <celestegibb-------------->
> To:
> Subject: Herbs for Crohn's disease
> Sent: Jul 24 '12 18:55
> The following has been sent by the contact form:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Name: Celest----------
> E-Mail: celestegibb-------------
> Phone Number: 3538------------
> Address: 7 McNulty,s Yard, Main St
> Subject (Colitis | Enquiry): Herbs for Crohn's disease
> Message:
> Hello, I took your medicine a few years ago and then i went to varius local herbal practitioners etc and out of all the medicine i have tried your blends were the most effective by far. i would like to make sue I am taking the right thing though as my symptoms have got better since diet and exercise changes etc, but I am still extremely sensitive to stress, cold, fibre and many foods. I remember filling in an information sheet with my symptoms, I would like to do that again or something similar to make sre I am taking the right things before ordering etc.
> Thanks so much
> Regards
> Celeste Gibbins



Case 13

> -------Original Message-------
> From: ilya polotebnov <ipolotebnov@------->
> To: Doctor.Chen <>
> Subject: Re: Ulcerative colitis
> Sent: Oct 05 '13 07:08
> Dr Chen,
> I'm seeing improvement... I placed an order for 2 more months of your formula.
> Thank you Ilya.



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