After many years of clinical experiment and application, IBD Recovery Pill Series has been verified to be very effective to treat Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Its efficacy rate (improvement rate - patients showing improvement - plus healing rate) can reach 87.37%.All ingredients are from natural herb extracts, free of any pollution and till now no patients reported very obvious side effects.

Chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG) is generally regarded as a very long-course disease, intractable, apt to be the source for precancerous lesion. The medical staff in Hunan Yongzhong TCM Hospital gradually found the deficiency of spleen Yin may be the origin for the formation of such condition and also the factor causing the stubbornness of such disease when treating it. The spleen Yin works as the very important material fundamentals in maintain the normal function of spleen and stomach. The deficiency of spleen Yin can bring about the insufficient nourishment of spleen and stomach, which can gradually lead to the atrophia, same as like plants lacking the sunshine and nutrition, because it can impair the transporting and transforming function of spleen and stomach, causing the phlegm, stasis, dampness and toxin. They may heap up in the stomach, making up the circumstance that deficiency syndrome mingles with excess syndrome which severely complicate patient's condition.

So, in the active phase, the main focus for IBD Recovery Pill is to eliminate the pathogen; in paracmasia phase, support right and eliminate pathogen in the same time, in a balanced way; in convalescence phase, supporting the right tops the priority. Long time clinical experiment verifies such therapeutic approaches can two-way regulate the chaotic immunological derangement, prominently decrease the level of IgA, IgG, eliminate the anti-large intestine antibody, enhance the ability of lymphocyte transformation, rid of the inflammation mediators including oxygen free radical, leukotriene and platelete activating factor, swiftly reign in control of mucous bloody stool, stop diarrhea, promote the closing of ulcer. Also, such medicine series can effectively prevent frequent recurrence and canceration, in the same time. Effective rate (including improvement and healing) can reach 87.37% and healing rate at 66.70%. Such medicine series are not only effective for ulcerative colitis, but also for Crohn's disease, ulcerative proctitis, radiation colitis and proctitis, allergic colitis, polyp intestinal and the effective rate is also much high.

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